>>> To get started, please drop us a line at model@bigcuties.com and include the following:

1. Clear full-sized images that are free of editing/photoshopping at your cameras highest setting that gives us a good display of both your face and your figure. These images do not need to be professional, just a handful or more of photos that give us a clear vision of what you look like. :) They must be from a camera and not a cell phone, so that we can see the output of your camera that you'd be using to send in your photos. If you do not have a camera at this time and will be purchasing one, please include that in your notes if you've no other choice but to send cell photos for review.

2. Please also include in your email a bit about yourself. For example: Your age, measurements if you know them, where you are from, a bit about you, etc. Let us know if you've modeled elsewhere, if so where, and how you found out about BigCuties. Lastly, et us know which of our three options you are interested in from below.

Important Note: If your email does not include images, we cannot guarantee a reply. So please do not forget that part, as we don't want to miss out on the opportunity to get to know you better and to consider you for modeling with us. Please also know that we run a respectable business and have for many years. You can be assured that your privacy will be respected and your images will not be used without your permission. So what are you waiting for? Contact us today!

>>> We offer several modeling options, they all require a few simple things:

          - You must be over 18 years of age at the time your photographs are taken.

          - You have the ability to show proof of age, to review, print, and sign a contract.

          - You have the ability to submit high quality images and videos that are comparable to our current content.

          - That you are between plump and supersized, confident, open, outgoing and proud of your body.

>>> We are open to discussing any/all modeling options, but here are the three options that we currently offer:

Option #1 - Your very own BigCuties members full website.
This means you will have your very own site. (Example: yourmodelname.bigcuties.com) This option earns the most monetarily, but requires the most work. It requires 6 full sets of photos for your first month and 3 sets each month following. A set of photos is approximately 80 photos and 3-4 minutes of video. You then will be responsible to promote and post each update on a list of forums that we provide you. Additionally, you will be given a BigCutie email address and will receive emails directly from fans that you will interact with at your own discretion. Lastly, if you opt to have a Members Only blog on your full site, you will be required to take a few minutes at least twice a month to keep in touch with your customers.

Option #2 - Feature or Guest Modeling on one of our sites.
This option differs from the above, in that you would be selling us sets of photos as a feature or guest model at a set price. A set of photos is approximately 80 photos and 3-4 minutes of video. You will receive a one-time payment for each set submitted. These sets must be exclusive to us, not have been sold to anyone else or posted on the net/print/anywhere else in the past or in the future. There are no further duties required of guest models, only to submit and be paid for your sets of photos.

Option #3 - Your own domain full website.
If your modeling vision is outside of the scope of what we do at BigCuties (softcore/pinup), that doesn't mean you shouldn't contact us. We have a full staff and graphic team that can provide you with whatever site and/or domain that you are interested in. We don't do this often as we honestly feel being a BigCutie is your best way to monetize, but we are certainly open to it, and welcome the opportunity to discuss this with you. Your duties would be similar to those of Option #1 except you would have your own domain and not be classified as a BigCutie, but your own defined model name.

As we said above, there's lots more information to share with you, but the first step is to send us your application at model@bigcuties.com - so what are you waiting for? :)

>>> FAQ - Here a a few answers to frequently asked questions to give you some insight:

- You do not need to be a resident of the US or Canada, our models can be from anywhere in the world.

- You do not need technical knowledge of creating a website and you do NOT pay us any up front fees to create you a website or to guest model with us. We take care of all of the web authoring work, photo and video editing. We also take care of all customer service and member management. We also pay all the billing company fees and never share or pass those down to any of our models.

- We are not a hardcore site and do not allow smut, any sexual situations, or spread shots for our BigCutie models. We are a softcore, pinup style site that does include some nudity (bare breasts and backsides) on some sites. This partial nudity is optional and that decision is up to you. You are however required to show yourself in bra/undies or equivalent at the very least. Please take a look at our current models preview pages to get an idea of exactly what we do. If you want something outside of this niche, please review our newest option #3.

- Our full site BigCutie models are NOT part of a multi-girl site. They are each individual sites, that share a common title and branding which leads to enhanced revenue. Our only multi-girl site at this time is Bonanza, which includes several models that we contract for guest sets. These are two completely different options and will be outlined below. :)

- You pictures do NOT need to be taken by a professional. As long as you have a good enough camera, decent lighting, and are able to submit clear, crisp images and video that is up to our standards, then that will work just fine. You can use a trusted friend, partner, or family member to shoot your photos and if you are local to Massachusetts, we can help you with shoots to give you a hand in the beginning. We also may have a reliable photographer in your area, or another BigCutie willing to swap taking sets, so don't let those things stand in your way of applying.

- We do edit your photographs and hand process them professionally. We do not use mass production software, instead we use talented graphic artists who will do their best to enhance your photos. We do not charge you for this whatsoever. Please note that we will not and do not remove stretch marks, cellulite, or anything else that's considered sexy and appealing to our fans and customers.

- There are several different payment options and it depends on what model option we offer you. But we promise that we pay a competitive and fair rate to all of our models and will discuss this with you further if your submission email catches our eye. :)

- Photos and video that you submit to us whether it be for a full site or as a guest model must be exclusive to us and not appear anywhere else or sold to anyone else.

There is so much more to share with you if you are offered one of our modeling options, but the first step is to apply, so please write us today and find out why our models love being part of BigCuties at model@bigcuties.com

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